About Vaccine Connect

Vaccine Connect is a buying group that is primarily focused on saving our members money.

Customized Approach.
Because we understand that today’s medical providers have ever-evolving needs, our approach is a proactive one. We’ll adapt our buying strategy to your specific practice, resulting in a customized plan designed to maximize your savings.

Better Buying.
Our experienced team works directly with top vaccine manufacturers, negotiating the best prices on behalf of your practice or pharmacy. This not only increases your buying power, but eliminates the hassle and frustration of searching for the lowest price.

Unique Perspective.
Vaccine Connect was founded by physicians, giving us unique insight into the challenges that face your practice. Today we are female-owned and female-led, another distinguishing factor that perfectly positions us to serve providers like you.

Meet Amanda

Founded by six pediatricians and operated by experienced practice managers, members can rest assured that we know vaccines. In fact, our team has managed millions of dollars in vaccines in their own practice. And today, we do the same for members all over the country, helping secure vaccines for the best prices, from the best suppliers.

As a female-owned business, we are also dedicated to empowering female physicians. Our team continually looks to the future, seeking new ways to shine the spotlight on our industry’s leaders.

Director of Business Development


Originally from Texas, Amanda has extensive experience leading primary care, multi-specialty care, and university health practices. Most recently, Amanda was the CEO of a large pediatric practice where she grew the practice from $4 million in revenue to $20 million in revenue in eight years. Amanda excels at practice management and understands vaccine pricing, coding, and reimbursement.