Practice Strategy Tip: Completing the Bexsero series

Your practice was able to vaccinate numerous adolescents this summer with Bexsero – nice work! But, patients are past due for their second dose. Now what?

Below are a few ideas to help increase your Bexsero completion rate and have your patients fully protected against Meningitis B:

  1. Identify who needs a second dose. Run a list in your billing software to see if you have billed the Bexsero CPT (90620) once or twice. If you have billed it twice, you have given two doses. If you have billed it once, follow up with these patients.
  2. Outreach to parents or adolescents to remind them of the need for a second dose. This can be done over the phone or messaging through the EMR.
  3. Create special appointments for adolescents to receive their second dose. Before/after school, evenings, or weekends are great vaccine times so adolescents do not miss out on school or scheduled activities. Do not forget to administer a flu vaccine while they are in your office!
  4. Note in the patient’s chart they need a second dose of Bexsero. If the patient is in your office for a med check, a sore throat, or well visit, they can also receive their second Bexsero dose at that time.
  5. Schedule the second vaccine visit for school breaks. If schools have Fall Break or Thanksgiving Break, this is a great time to have them stop in for the second dose.
  6. Track your completion rate and celebrate with your staff as you achieve predetermined goals. You cannot manage what you do not measure. Therefore, be purposeful about tracking your progress and encouraging your team to fully protect patients from Meningitis B.