Practice Strategy Tip: Avoiding vaccine administration errors

Every physician practice strives for zero vaccine administration errors. In order to achieve this goal, practices can implement one or more of the following strategies:

Use 2D barcoding on the label

2D barcoding has been used successfully to prevent errors and improve documentation. Almost every vaccine has a 2D barcode and many EMRs allow for data input in the medical record from this barcode. To learn more about 2D barcoding on vaccines, click here.

Thoroughly train staff during orientation 

Spend the time on the front end teaching the vaccine schedule and the administration procedures of each vaccine.

Provide in-services regularly and perform annual competencies 

Representatives from the vaccine manufacturer will gladly visit a practice and review vaccines with the clinical team.

Establish strong communication between the Physician and Clinical Staff member

Communication between the team is key in establishing smooth practice flow and avoiding mistakes.

Improve processes by learning from mistakes 

Review past errors for breakdowns in the ordering, preparing, and administration process. Improve practice processes that set team members up for success.