Practice Strategy Tip: Administering Adult Vaccines

The portfolio of vaccines recommended for adults has grown significantly in the past ten years. As you consider giving adult vaccines in your practice, review these practice strategies for success in your adult vaccine program:

1.    Understand which vaccines the CDC recommends and at what age. Follow this link to view the 2017 CDC chart (note: the shingles recommendation is not updated to reflect the >50 recommendation for SHINGRIX yet.)

2.    Be clear on the vaccine CPT codes and what you can bill to Medicare Part B. Some vaccines need to be billed to Part D and some can continue to be billed directly from the MD in Part B. If you need help, call Vaccine Connect.

3.    Be aware of the vaccine administration codes that can be billed with each vaccine given. Practices can bill 90471 with the first vaccine administered and 90472 with all subsequent vaccines.

4.    Get the best price on your adult vaccine portfolio. Vaccine Connect offers many adult vaccines at lower prices to our members. Reduced prices and rebates on Flu, Zoster, Tdap, Hep A/B, and Meningococcal are available through Vaccine Connect. Call our team at 843-973-2711 today to discuss pricing options for your practice.